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Questions I can't answer myself

I've been watching the serie of Crime Scene Wild, and the Big Cats episode yesterday made me confused. As much as I want to go something to help saving the animals, reality struck and I don't know what to think anymore.
There're questions that I can't answer by myself. I've asked a few friends of mine, and they can't help me either, so I wonder if anyone can help. Just reading is good enough, I just want to know what others think about the subject.

1. How can we distinguish 'protecting' and 'destroying'?
Sounds pretty much easy isn't it? As if they're pole oppositte.
But as I watched it yesterday, seems like the line between them isn't at all clear.
When we build up zoos and conserved area for wildlife, are we actually helping them?
Most of the time they're locked up in cage, clammed up with a few dozens of their own kind no matter if they're social or solitary animals. If it's a good place, they're well-fed and taken care of. In worse cases, they're abadoned and badly-treated.
Things sound clear for the last one, but for the first, the animals are not at all appreciating that. Being pampered, they gradually lose their surviving instinct. Tigers no longer have the need to hunt, nor the gazelles have to escape from danger of carnivours. In the end, they live and die a sad life behind the bars of their cages. Is that what the animals want?
Are we protecting them by making sure that they're safe in captivity and treat them as pampered children, or are we creating generations of animals who are said to be 'from wildlife', but can't even take care of themselves?

2. How can we change what people think?
Something's been on my mind for the longest time. I don't know about other places, but in my country, children in kindergarden are taught with things like this: wolf/tiger/lion... are bad animals, rabbit/sheep/cat/dog... are nice animals. I was once taught so, and when I grow up and see the world, I'm left confused. What's the meaning of 'bad' and 'nice'? How can people say that an animal is good or bad? If those who are herbivores are good, then rabbits who are quickly adapted to the life in Australia, breed rapidly and destroy the continent's wildlife, are they good or bad? If those who attack human are bad, then wolves who have to hunt down livestock because there're no longer enough food for them in the forest, are they good or bad? How can we change the way they think, that there's simply no good and bad animal, but 'living ways'? How can we tell them that a mole hunting for earthworms and a leopard who hunts for monkeys are basically the same?
How can we stop people from thinking that they're the supreme one on Earth? How can we tell people not to look down onto animals, and the fact that human's nothing else but an animal in the Primate order? How can we tell people not to think that animal's life is decided to as they wish, that hunting for their body parts is a normal thing, that trading wildlife is the right that humans have over animals? How can we stop people from consuming bear's gall bladder and tiger's bone? How can we stop them from eating the luxury of shark fin and whale meat?
How can we stop people from pointing at a bear chained to a post and laugh at them? How can we tell them not to provoked the animals? How can we tell them that no, the animals don't want such things, that they don't need to be pampered in golden cage, but to roam freely in the wild and therefore, fed up with pleasing the zoo's visitors?

3. How can we change what people do?
This man from Kyrgyzstan who was filmed on the Big Cats episode, said something like this (may be not all correct since it's from my memory, I'm sorry if I made any errors):
"Some Americans came here (Kyrgyzstan) and tell us that we need to save the snow leopard, need to protect them. Of course we know all about that. Then we told them that we need more money in the fund, cos we're in short of money, and of people. The Americans went back to their country, having conference, writing reports, and waste $150,000 for a meeting with empty words of "We're doing it and the progress looks great" while the snow leopards are still hunted down. They must understand that just laws and conferences can't save the animals, and we must take actions, instead of sitting in offices wasting our breath away."
So, what can we do?

Thanks for reading. It'd be great if anyone can give me a reply to all of this because I'm very confused and trapped. Where's the way for me, and the way for human? I don't want to see animals being hunted down, or being in cages, or becoming extinct. I want to do something for them, but I believe that saving them's more than just sayings.
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