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Friends of the Squirrels

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Wild Ones
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This is a community for wildlife rehabilitators and people who are just interested in and appreciate wildlife. Share your latest sightings and experiences with us.

Wildlife photography, of your own making/taking, is also appreciated. Please use an lj-cut for large/multiple images as not all of us not blessed with fast internet connections. Also tell us the story behind the picture.

For ease of use, all entries have been broadly categorized under the memory section.

lizzie recommends these sites for more information or immediate help. Please note, I have not reviewed all of these websites and do not necessarily endorse the content.

International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council
The Merck Veterinary Manual
National Wildlife Health Center
National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association
The Wildlife Society
Wild Again
Wildlife Rehabilitators
Wildlife Rehabber

Some of those websites are geared more towards wildlife rehab, and not the general public. But most of them have lists of wildlife rehabbers in the U.S., so if any non-rehabber stumbles across the site, hopefully they contact rehabbers instead of attempting the things themselves.

What to do if you've found a bird:

What to do if you've found a baby mammal:

I think the key is education. A lot of people WANT to help and honestly believe that by keeping the animal and "helping" it themselves, the animal will be healed. I think if the resources are out there and visibly marked, hopefully some people will learn more about wildlife and be convinced that taking the animal to a wildlife rehabber is the best thing to do.